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Your Junk Is Our Business

Some folks call us magic, some call us heaven sent, and that is because we truly care about the special circumstances of every project. It's your home and life and we get it. We are here to help.

You know you have it, it's in the garage, the back yard, the attic, the shed and it's been growing for years: JUNK. It's been on your mind for a long time now and one day you’re going to get around to hauling it off, just as soon as you figure out what to do with it. It's enough to make you scream.

We are here to help. Junk removal is a project that just won’t go away on its own. That’s where Baltimore's Best Junk Removal Services come in.

When you’re ready to get rid of it, simply give us a call and we will handle the rest. Let us make life simple and easy for you.

Our uniformed home team removal experts will arrive at your home at the appointed time. We do all of the work so that there is no need for you to haul out your junk, leaving it sit out by the curb for your neighbors to see.

Our home team will load your junk whether it is in the attic, the garage, the yard, or in a closet. We will sort it and dispose of it properly.

Items which can be recycled will be taken to the appropriate recycling center, items which can be used or refurbished by local charities will be donated, as for the rest we will take it to the nearest landfill and disposed of properly.

What will Baltimore's Best Junk Removal haul off? The short answer is anything that will fit in our truck and can be loaded by our home team crew that is not chemical, biological or hazardous in nature. CLICK HERE to read our FAQ page for more details.

Full Service To Residential Clients
Fast, Friendly and Cost Efficient

How much does it cost to remove junk from my home? The cost to have us remove your junk is less than you might think. Call us or CLICK HERE to contact us for a no cost no obligation quote

Part of the services we offer is to handle very emotionally sensitive hoarding issues for families in a very gentle and understanding way. Hoarding is a very serious issue. You can read more about hoarding by CLICKING HERE

Shed Some Weight?

We also remove and dispose of playgrounds, hot tubs, Retaining walls, fencing, and more. call us for more details!



Call us now for your no obligation quote because yes we can help and yes we can make a painful challenge quite simple for you. We are family, we are Baltimore